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Herba Mosquito Indoor Drops Liquid

Herba Mosquito Indoor Drops Liquid

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Herba Mosquito Indoor drops liquid is invented with a unique formula to work longer time and safely. We made this formula on the basis of essential oils as ingredients. It has multiple functions like mosquito repellent, Room freshener action, as it’s a natural mosquito repellent won’t be having any side effects.

Kalpana Naturals is a company that is providing a wide range of pest repellents and other products which are prepared using natural extracts. Order now, for all-round protection from mosquitoes with our Herbal Mosquito Repellents.


This herbal mosquito repellent liquid is natural and doesn't have any side affects on health.

It is an effective herbal mosquito repellent liquid, so prevents the mosquitos from entering the house for a longer time.

It will not cause any stains anywhere.

How to use:

Take some quantity of Herba Mosquito Indoor drops liquid and sprinkle it in the corners of room.

The natural extracts and effective formula prevent mosquitoes from entering your house.

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