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Green Tea - 100 gms

Green Tea - 100 gms

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  • Consuming Chaha green tea is very healthy for the body. Dwibhashi’s green tea product is produced using handpicked tea leave. This herbal green tea is rich in antioxidants and other vital nutrients. It also provides a wide array of benefits to the body. Many green tea products contain toxic chemicals to improve self-life and increase product quality. Dwibhashi's herbal green tea is 100% and does not contain harmful additives.
  • So, what are the benefits of consuming Dwibhashi’s herbal green tea regularly? The product is enriched with natural ingredients, so it will not cause any side effects after consumption. The main ingredient in the preparation of this herbal tea is Camellia Sinuses leaves and buds. The herbal formula will help you to relax your mind. Regularly consuming this green tea helps to burn fat content in the body. It will also help in improving the digestive system and keeps your body fit and healthy.

Key Ingredients

Care Instructions

Preparing green tea is as simple as preparing other green tea products.
Add water in a cub or utensils according to your requirement.
Boil the water and add Dwibhashi’s green tea powder to it.
Add some sugar if necessary. Simple, the herbal-based Dwibhashi's becomes ready to drink.


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