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Dwibhashi Mandara Tailam

Dwibhashi Mandara Tailam

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  • Dwibhashi's Ayurveda produces many products, and Mandara Tailam is one of the best products. It is 100% natural and purely extracted from the Hibiscus plant without adding any additives. Mandara Tailam consists of several vital proteins and vitamins in it, and that help to enhance hair growth. The proteins in Mandara Tailam will help to prevent hair breakage, split ends, and dandruff.
    Mandara tailam hair oil makes the hair long, silky, and dark and helps to gain thick hair. Mandara tailam improves blood circulation in the scalp and makes the roots of hair stronger, which reduces hair fall.

  • Dwibhashi's Mandara tailam comes in red color. 

Key Ingredients

Care Instructions

Take enough Mandara tailam in a bowl and apply properly to the scalp and hair.
Massage the scalp and hair for some time to make sure the oil applied properly.
Leave it for one hour or overnight and wash it.
Applying Mandara twice a week is advisable for enhancing hair growth.


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