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Ayurvedic Pain Balm (Extra Strong)

Ayurvedic Pain Balm (Extra Strong)

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  • Pains are of different types, like muscle pain, headache, joint pains etc. Pain can deter us from doing our work and makes us less productive. Dwibhashi's Ayurvedic Pain Balm (Extra Strong) is prepared using natural ingredients without using any chemicals. The ayurvedic formula helps to relieve pain instantly.
  • This Dwibhashi Ayurvedic Pain Balm (Extra Strong) is an effective and most reliable pain relief balm. Applying this pain balm in the area of pain will soothe aching muscle and gives instant relief. It will not cause any side effects on your skin after applying. The product is now available at affordable prices.

Key Ingredients

Care Instructions

Apply this Dwibhashi's Ayurvedic Pain Balm (Extra Strong) on the aching muscle.
Massage the aching muscle with this pain balm gently and leave.


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Vendor : Dwibhashi Bapanna Ayurveda Nilayam Pvt Ltd

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